A downloadable Horror Survival RTS

2020-04-09 Update: Improvements to enemy AI. Fixed enemy attacks targeted at furniture to be cast at world origin.

2020-04-09 Update: another update released! bug fixes and improvements to enemy AI and game pacing!

2020-04-08 Update: Huge update released!

In this real time strategy-horror survival game, you must watch over a girl haunted by beings in a procedurally generated house. 

Every night is divided between two phases:
-Place Security Cameras and other units in the design phase to mount the perfect defense for the girl.

-Monitor the house, execute orders and capure bad dreams during the survival phase.

Protect the girl till 6 AM!

This game was made by me in 5 days for the KB single player strategy game jam.  Enjoy :3

Few tips:

-Press escape to toggle the main menu and select a night to play or quit the game.

-Enemies have a sense of sight: Hide from them if you are in danger! Press left ctrl with the girl selected to make her crouch or uncrouch.

-When you have damaged an enemy enough with offensive units, click on it (and spam space if you are cool) to capture it.

-Click on the power button next to a unit's health bar to power it on and off, enabling movement and offensive capabilities. Running out of power will disable all units.

Install instructions

Extract and enjoy!


DreamCatcher2020_04_09.rar 765 MB